Saturday, July 21, 2012

Carry Your Gun

This past week brought news of two highly publicized shootings. This isn't a post to rehash those horrific incidents. This is a reminder: Carry your gun!

In the Florida incident, one of the thugs stated afterwards, “he never expected anyone to be armed.” Fortunately he was wrong. That expectation on the part of the criminal is the problem in America today. The wolves expect that the sheep, their victims, will be unarmed and unable to defend themselves. It's time to change that assumption.

In the Colorado incident, in a crowded theatre, not a single person fought back, at least as far as we know so far. Why is that? One reason is that the theatre is "gun free zone." The management of that theatre chain demands that its patrons be defenseless. There's a good chance the shooter chose this venue to carry out his cowardly act for that very reason.

We're told in an emergency to "call 911." Dozens of people called 911 when the shooting started and not a single person inside the theatre was saved by those calls.

Carry your gun, it's a lighter burden than regret.


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