Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just Because You Have A Gun Doesn’t Mean You Are Suddenly a Different Person

All responsible CCW holders know that every encounter is an armed encounter. Not everyone is going to be pleased with this, even some friends!

I was at a married couple's home for dinner along with several other couples, including fellow CCW holders. Being that I was at a friend’s house I took my jacket off, as I got warm. Later in the evening I got up to refresh my non-alcoholic drink (I do not drink alcohol when I am armed or driving.) At this point another couple saw my gun. Their reaction to it was so loud, obnoxious, and vehement, it almost made me think that there was an intruder!

Moments before that I was a friend of a few years, yet upon seeing my gun for the first time, I became enemy number 1! As liberal New Yorkers those guests thought all guns were going to magically kill the next innocent person it found! Moreover, anyone who owned a gun was a raving lunatic that needed to be put away. That's what they seriously thought about me. Before seeing my gun I was a good friend, after seeing it I was basically avoided and given the cold shoulder. I was told not to wear my gun to their home if I visited them in the future.

Later the hosts told me that couple felt you just cannot trust gun owners. They did not know that the hosts were CCW holders as well! Other CCW holders have told me of people remarking that they will now have to be careful not to make them mad, once that they find out they carry a gun for personal protection. People who are CCW holders do not lose their minds, their self-control, their patience or their sense of right and wrong when they carry a weapon. If anything, these good qualities are accentuated – one is MORE patient, has MORE self-control.

I did nothing wrong and I have no obligation to notify my hosts, or anyone else around me when I rightfully carry my gun. Who I am has not changed, I simply claim my right to stay safe should an unforeseen circumstance arise.

Care should always be taken to keep your carry-status private. Too many people knowing, or wondering if you are, can lead to comments drawing attention to your gun – whether you are carrying now or not. You are the person to decide who knows or not. (And if a friend lets you in on their status, don’t share it with others…that is HIS choice to make.)

Stay safe and God bless,


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