Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lethal Use of Force

As Shooters we take great time, effort, and expense to keep our shooting skills up. As Concealed Carry citizens our responsibility doesn’t end there.  Not only do we have to be able to hit our target, but we also need to know all the legal ramifications that this responsibility holds.  Our education and interest in the legal area needs to be ongoing; new laws go into effect, new cases can shape the interpretation of a law - we need to be aware.

Finding a class, let alone a good class, on the proper understanding and use of lethal force in the Commonwealth of Virginia is hard.  Several years ago I took a Lethal Use of Force class given by David Rittgers, excellent class!  However, I feel it is time for a refresher.  In looking online these last few months, I have not been able to find anything.

Me being Padre, I went out and found the next best thing; books!
Here is a list of books (and a DVD) that I have found helpful:

Case Law Link
Virginia Case Law on Firearms and the Use of Deadly Force Link  

Dial 911 and Die

Self Defense Laws of All 50 States With Plain-Talk Summaries

The Virginia Gun Owner’s Guide
DVD: Responsible Use of Lethal Force  

Let me know what you use, or have found helpful, in the comments.

Stay safe and God bless,


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