Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Dangers of Being Gunless

While this article by Alan Korwin is directed to the population in general, I think it is especially pertinent to Catholics. Today unfortunately many Catholics, and Christians in general, believe that defending one's life, if it means harming their attacker is wrong. Korwin points out the dangers this thought process brings about.
PHOENIX, AZ --( Gunless people, those who steadfastly refuse to keep and bear arms, practice marksmanship or learn gun safety create certain burdens for the rest of society. 
  • Gunless people increase the need for police protection, by being unable to fend for themselves in certain dire emergencies. By remaining unarmed, a gunless person becomes a “free rider,” obtaining safety and protection against criminal activity through the responsible actions of others. Gunless people in general reduce national security. An armed populace is more capable of aiding in national defense, from border risks to crime or terrorism events, and poses a greater deterrent to such activity.  
  • Borrowing the logic from the Wickard v. Filburn case at the U.S. Supreme Court, gunless people have a negative impact on interstate commerce. By failing to keep and bear virtually the only property that is constitutionally guaranteed, they weaken the economy and contribute to lowered economic stimulus. This is admittedly a somewhat circuitous argument, but it seems quite popular in other arenas (e.g., growing grain for your own use) and so appears germane. 
  • A family that is gunless and feels secure because of it, fails to realize that being gunless is dangerous. The other side of the brag that, “We don’t have a gun in OUR house,” is “If push came to shove we’d be helpless victims and we plan to leave it that way.” This is a person’s free choice, but it should be recognized for what it is.  
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The last point quoted above illustrates the misunderstanding that some people have regarding the command to "turn the other cheek." While we mustn't strike out in retaliation or revenge, neither must we allow ourselves to be victimized.

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