Friday, April 6, 2012

What's In Your Range Bag?

When I meet shooters new to the sport, they always want to know what's in my range bag.

I like to be well-prepared, and consider safety to be the highest priority, so even though the trauma items may never be used, I have them in case of an emergency. I am familiar with how to use these products. A well-prepared shooter should be able to respond quickly to save himself or someone else.

The next group of items is the hardware I use at the range. I often change holsters, using both inside-the-waistband and outside-the-waistband designs, to be proficient at drawing from either one. I use extra mags and pouches to stay on the range longer between reloads! Shooting glasses and ear muffs are standard tools to protect oneself from the noise and flying debris. Rain gear and an extra tee shirt allow me to adapt to changing weather. After all it's not always going to be a sunny day! I keep tools handy I need to repair common breakdowns I may have with my pistol. I also track my handgun's shooting history. This helps me to keep my gun in good working order. I track the necessary replacements of all parts to be sure my gun is in top order at all times.

 Here is what I carry in my medium size Elite Survival Systems bag:
  • Celox
  • Personal trauma kit
  • Tactical Response Gear V. O. K. 
  • Israeli bandage
  • Galco holster
  • 2 Galco magazine pouches
  • Shot timer
  • Peltor ear muffs
  • ESS shooting glasses
  • Wind/rain jacket
  • Long sleeve t-shirt
  • 5 magazines
  • Sinclair Rounds Fired Logbook and pen
  • Caspian Pocketsmith for my .45
  • Swiss Army Knife

Having the right supplies with you can make or break a training session at the range. I recommend you keep your bag packed and ready to go. When it's time to train, just grab the bag, toss in your gun and ammo, and go!

Let me know if you think I'm overlooking something important. Or leave a comment describing what you carry.

Stay safe and God bless,



  1. I have some other items that I find helpful: hand sanitizer, a small flashlight, a few extra bandaids and corn pads (in case a callous is torn when shooting a lot of rounds) and some snap caps for failure drills.

  2. Here is what is in my outdoor range bag:


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