Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gun Library (books and more)

In doing a simple search of the Web you find an overwhelming amount of books, DVDs, videos, and articles on various aspects of shooting.  Quite honestly it can be frightening to try to think of what you should, need, must read.  How do you sift out the good ones from the bad?

One way is to ask.  Ask what other experienced shooters have read or use as training aides.  As a CCW holder, we have a responsibility to know how to shoot.  So we must practice—frequently!  We also have a DUTY to know the law.  So I have broken down my books, etc. by topic.

Shooting Technique:


Mind Set:

Let me know if I have missed an absolute must have book, DVD, video, or other training aide.

Stay safe and God bless,


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