Friday, May 11, 2012

Awareness and Planning

With only this short clip of a video of an attempted robbery, a few thoughts come to mind. Being able to react to an attack means being prepared beforehand - mentally and physically. Think about how you can get yourself, and those with you, to safety should the need arise. Talk about this with your children. "If we ever are in a bad situation and I say run - you run as fast as you can to safety" (nearby home, store, etc.) Depending on the situation, physically grabbing a young child and running or pushing them to safety may be the best move. This means being alert to potential threats and having some idea of what you will do. This poor woman and child had no clue what to do, and, as a good friend remarked "This is a good example of how the body and untrained mind reacts." She halfheartedly follows her foolish first thought, leaving her child in danger and confusion.

Besides a strategy, one cannot underestimate the importance of situational awareness. Knowing who is around your car *before* you get out. If someone is too close, wait a few moments. After you get out, keep track of who is nearby and what they are doing. Know where you would go if needed once out of the car. If the unthinkable happens, you have a plan in mind so that you immediately go to it. Be sure those in your care have already been taught - when I say run - RUN. When you enter a building, take a quick look at the exits - knowing how to get out could be of great importance. This woman appears totally unaware of the approaching man and is caught off guard as he threatens her.

Don't let your social graces cripple you. If someone is crowding your space or following too close - jog across a short cut to safety. Any man who is a husband, dad, brother or son, would understand a woman moving to safety. (He would want his own sister, wife, mother, or daughter to do the same!) The bad guy will often push through our socially polite reactions to do us harm. Know there is a threat before you strike, but don't let the bad guy use your courtesy to his advantage.

None of this precludes enjoying life or living comfortably in the world. To be alert and aware of your surroundings takes little time, does not diminish the enjoyment of whatever you are doing, yet it lays the ground work for a safe exit should the need arise. A few moments pause before leaving her car, or a quick determined run to safety with her child when threatened could have quickly ended this encounter.

Read more on this story here.


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