Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why People Hate Guns

Rabbi Dovid Bendory and Alan Korwin have an interesting post over at JPFO entitled "Why Jews Hate Guns." Despite the title, the ideas presented in the paper can just as easily apply to any adamantly anti-gun person, regardless of creed, or political leaning.

The authors posit:
The adamantly anti-gun-rights Jews are bowing to: 
1. A desire for utopian moral purity
2. A disproportional incidence of hoplophobia
3. A quest for power through victimization of peers
4. A utopian delusion that if guns would just “go away,” crime would end and the world would be a peaceful safe place
5. Self hatred and a wish to be helpless, acting out guilt-based behavioral problems that develop in childhood
6. The Ostrich Syndrome
7. Garden-variety hypocrisy
8. Adulterated religion -- Jews In Name Only (JINOs)
9. Feel-good sophistry
10. Abject fear that yields irrational behavior
Each of these points is explained in detail. As I was reading the article, I was struck how I have noted these traits in many people. It was an interesting realization, but at the same time somewhat disturbing. On the bright side, understanding the motives behind the anti-gun folks is an important tool in defending against their attacks on our God-given rights.

I strongly suggest you take a few minutes to read the entire posts at "Why Jews Hate Guns."


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