Friday, May 4, 2012

You Are Responsible For You

A couple weeks ago a young couple was beaten by a group of over 30 youths in Norfolk, VA. Despite the fact that the victims were reporters for The Virginian-Pilot, the newspaper did not mention the story for two weeks. And even then, it was as an editorial, not a crime report or news item. Why? It's anyone's guess, but it's notable that the victims were white, the perpetrators black. Is this the new standard of reporting in America?

The response from the police at the above incident was "It's what they do." They ruled the 30 on 2 beating a "simple assault." That's right, resignation and apathy. It's a fact that the courts have ruled repeatedly that the police have no duty to protect the public. The victims had to call 911 three times before they got a response. As much respect as I have for our law enforcement personnel, we must still face the reality that their job revolves around arresting criminals AFTER a crime has been committed. That's little solace for a family who has lost a father, or mother, or a child due to the uncivilized behavior of some societal misfit.

Race baiters and class warfare proponents like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Bill Ayers, and even the president of the United States, are aided by the leftist media in their quest to stir up violence in order to progress their goals. Some are predicting an increase in race-based crime in the near future.

It is also not unreasonable to expect an increase in violence in the coming months based on the "collective" mentality. Watch the police reaction to the pack of anarchists in the Seattle area this week. They essentially stood by helplessly and let the animals wreak havoc. How many innocent people could be hurt by the fires and breaking glass? How long do you think it will take for property damage to escalate to physical attacks on people? We've seen that the "social activists" have no issues attacking the police during "peaceful" protests.

Despite the history of violence perpetrated by Communist governments throughout history, thousands of useful idiots, even right here in the US, stood up and celebrated "collective" rule on May 1. Even the president's reelection campaign is employing the theme of a previous oppressive and violent movement. Violence and dangerous times are looming in the not too distant future. Even if you are optimistic that our county isn't about to erupt into violence, are you willing to sit back and not prepare? Will you take the fire extinguishers out of your home because you don't expect a fire?

In response to the question regarding if it was right to work to build wealth, or if one should simply rely on God to provide, a priest I know replied "Well, you shouldn't be an idiot." In other words, you must take care of yourself and your family. God helps those who helps themselves. It's a sin, and foolhardy, to tempt God and expect Him to do what he has given you the ability to do. I pray the future that seems inevitable won't actually come to pass. I pray that common sense and responsibility will prevail. But in the meantime I will do what I can to prepare.

Every state of the US, excepting one, allows law-abiding citizens to arm themselves for self-defense and defense of their loved ones. The restrictions vary from state to state, but the right exists in some form. Yet the majority of Americans do not prepare. The decision to not carry a firearm is a conscience decision to pass the responsibility for your own safety on to someone else. It is a decision to not be responsible for the well-being of your loved ones. It is casting off that which God gave you the ability to do. That's not something for which I wish to answer someday.


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